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A Passion For Cooking ..... Really - Mary

Is it true that you cannot be passionate in something unless you are good in it? I don't know. When I was a little girl, I was already very passionate about cooking. I would love you to think that it was my mum's influence, but seriously it was simply I love to eat. "Begin with the end in mind" , eating the food was my motivation, Dr Stephen Covey would have been proud of me. And I thank God and also my naggy husband that I also like to exercise, hence I am able to keep certain measurements in check.

Now, I love to cook because it brings me great joy when the food I have prepared brings friends and relative together. An occasion feels more celebrated with good food. And in our Asian society, a good meal together bonds relationship.

Most of the knowledge about cooking was pass down to me by by late mum. Not only did I learned her skills, I have also inherited the methodology and recipe of our cultural food. A heritage passed down from a generation before her.

My intention is to pass on this legacy to my daughters, and hence the creation of Mum's Culinary Gift. Join us in our culinary adventure and be part of our greater family.

I would show you how to adapt the traditional way of food preparation using technology. As must as I love to cook my soup over slow charcoal fire overnight in the small kitchen of my apartment, some traditional methods are just not practical anymore. There are good alternatives that are simpler, faster and best of all, lesser cleanup. And most important of all, it tastes as good.

Join us here and you will never miss a recipe.

Love you all.





Making sense of a recipe - Kay

I remember when I baked my first Apple Pie. The process seems simple, at least when I looked at how my mum did it.

Well, the simplicity suddenly vanishes quickly once I started doing it myself with her recipe.  I often wondered at that time if I am the only person experiencing this; or is it simply a man-thing (or boy-thing then) with instructions and his ego.  My enthusiasm in apple pie baking rapidly diminished into frustration and soon desperation.  Seriously, I find recipes are amazingly complex; especially for someone without culinary experience.

When I read half teaspoon of cinnamon powder ……. My mind would wonder which teaspoon the recipe is referring to. In my mum’s “kitchen collection”, there are at least half a dozen teaspoons of various size and shape. When I read 2 cups of flour …. I have to decide if its referring brother’s cup or my cup. And what on earth is a pinch of salt.

I am certain that ignorance is not bliss in this context. By the way, the outcome of my first apple pie was ….. unbelievable.

Fast forward 35 years, regretfully my culinary skills did not progress in tandem with time.

My mother-in-law was able to taste a recipe just by reading it. My wife adjusts recipes to suit the taste of the family. I still cannot differentiate between fennel seed and cumin.

To make sense of a good recipe, you will need the fundamentals.

If you are a new cooking enthusiast, newly wed, starting a family and just want to cook, join us in our series for an enjoyable culinary experience. You will be glad that I would not be your host. My wife Mary, a culinary instructor and consultant will be with you in this journey.  I just get to enjoy writing, photo shooting, videoing, editing, posting the contents for you … lets have some fun.